Hi fellow humans

I hope you find this page as a nice break from the unfortunate reality that is the typical internet experience.

A few goals in mind.

  • a free speech / safe space online without ads or tracking
  • no user profiles
  • just some thoughts & links to useful resources
  • art gallery / sales
  • global reach / translation
  • (idk even know what else..i just keep typing without looking at my notes)
  • international resources (internet / communication support for the women in !ran & other global communities)

I want this space to help people connect and find answers to whatever self realization type questions they’re asking into search engines.

Ex. Who am I? What are we? why are we here? why is there so much fear and control used on people? how do i find my purpose? why are countries still at war? why cant we all get along? how do you know which propaganda is real? does your own government use propaganda, or is it only other countries? What needs to happen to have peace on earth? will human awareness ever reach a point of balance with the natural world?

**Add a bunch of other meta data to gather people who are questioning reality & seeking answers**